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living with migraines in a country with no neurologists

First of all, let me give you a little history. Im 48 years olf, Ive lived with migraine since about age 2. Ive been married for 24 years, and as I get older my migraines are changing . It takes me longer to bounce back from a full blown one.

Now, I am living in American Samoa, and lets just say that my options for treatment are very limited. My psychologist is treating my migraines, as I have anxiety/depression related to migraines. The only triptan I can receive here is sumatriptan, and the only dose they have here on the island is 25 mgs.

So, to make a very long story short. Im wondering if anyone is living in an area where no doctors are available and medication is limited?

I was doing the botox regimen for about 6 months before moving here. It was really starting to help. My migraines were down to about 10-15 episodes a month. Although I was still waking daily with my dull head pain.
Karen K.

  1. Karen,
    You're in a tough situation. There are services that may help you since you can't see a neurologist. There are businesses called Tele-Docs. For a fee, you can have a phone call or a Skype session with a US certified doctor. People who travel a lot often use these services. Most are able to write prescriptions, but may be limited in what they can prescribe. And there's the issue of whether or not you'd be able to find the drug you need in Samoa.

    Try googling "Tele Doctors" and see if you can find a service that would work for you.
    Let me know what you find out!

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