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Long Hair affecting headache?

Has anyone ever considered chopping your hair off for a little headache relief?
My pain sometimes makes it feel like just having hair hurts. It feels heavy and painful.

I want to grow my hair long, but I don't know how much longer I can deal with it.

  1. I know this feeling too well. I used to be able to sit on my hair it was so long and cut it to above my ear!.

    Head still banging and every day I threaten to shave it all off as I feel like I can feel every piece of hair being pulled out my head. I feel like I'm going crazy and only way to sort is to shave off.

    So glad not just me that has hair issues xxx

    1. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I googled it and didn't find any articles or message boards that mention it. If it won't help to chop it off, I might as well keep it. At least I can have cool braids and curls while I'm suffering. :-/

      1. Hi all,

        I have felt like this my entire life! When I was younger I DID chop it off. I don't remember it helping though in the end. I now keep it long and when my pain is bad the best hairstyle for me is a braid. I really prefer the way I look with long hair, and I don't like the hassle of getting a short hairstyle cut every month (who wants to go to the trigger filled hair-dresser more than you have to!).

        I'm not sure if this helps but at least you all know you're not alone!


        1. Good point Lisa!
          Especially the hair dresser thing.
          Shampooing in their sink= neck pain
          Cutting time= awkward conversation or silence (which stresses me as an introvert)
          Hair dryer= head pain!
          Paying= wallet pain. 😉

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