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My very long history with migraine

Hello everyone. I know from reading the posts on this site that there is a great deal of understanding for people who suffer from migraine.

I have suffered them for over 35years.

Tried every preventative that there is, so I am left with painkillers. Which your body gets used to and you do not get the relief that you used to get. Also in Australia where I live the neurologists do not support pain medicine they tend to want to send you to Pain Management Clinics. I have visited two with no positive results.

Two days ago I had botox for the first time. I was told that I would be given 31 injections, but I was given 27. Yes they hurt when they were given but compared with migraines I was able to handle them.

Immediately after he had finished I realized that I was suffering from extreme pain in two of the injection sites. I always suffer migraines over the left hand side of my face. The two sites that hurt were over my left eye and directly behind on the left hand side of my skull. I am in bed now resting because I have taken my meds and no relief. On the first night the pain was so bad I could not sleep.

It is also very painful if I rest on the areas so I am constantly lying on my right hand side.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen. Also just wondering as this was my first time, when could I expect some relief from my migraines?


  1. Some people report pain in the injection sites and others say the injections trigger migraines (they did for me), but these symptoms usually go away in a couple days. Most people notice relief from Botox after about a week, but it can take longer for some people.

    I'm curious what your doctor had to say about the pain right after you got the injections. Did they give you any advice for dealing with it or have an idea how long it would last?

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