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Long lasting - Eyesight affected

I have migraines all my adult life. The experience has always been the same. First a deterioration of vision followed by wavy lines gradually moving out to the side. All over in about 20/30 mins. No bad headache. After a headache when coughing only. For 4 days I have had what feels like a migraine starting but never developing. Vision impaired then improving though out the day. Starting to worry me now that it’s not a migraine but something more sinister. Had anybody else had this?

  1. When I worked at the eye doctors office when someone had your symptoms it was usually a tear in you retina.

    1. I should have mentioned that I had an eye exam and nothing found.

      1. - Thank you so much for sharing some of your journey with us and this concern you are experiencing. Have you seen a migraine specialist (I'm assuming you have a diagnosis of migraine based on your description) or mentioned these symptoms to your general practitioner? We'd definitely encourage your doing so if you have new symptoms or if something has changed. I wonder if you have considered if you might be having something called silent migraine? It's possible to have migraine with no head pain as migraine is a complex neurological condition of which head pain is but one symptom. It is possible to have any combination of the symptoms. Again, we'd encourage you to get this checked out to be safe, but in the meantime, here's something you can read up on regarding silent migraine: https://m

        1. Hello! I'm so sorry that you've been dealing with vision distortions with or without migraine pain! So to me, a not-doctor, this sounds like when I experience aura. It appears, sometimes randomly, as this pulsating blindness in the center of my vision, like you've just stared into a bright light for too long. It'll migrate towards my peripheral vision (usually to the right) then disappear. Only for migraine head pain to take its place. For me, it's just a telltale sign that migraine is on its way after and the aura dissipates, which it always will. It can sometimes appear without being followed by head-pain! (though I usually hunker down and prepare by sleeping through it, regardless.) I would speak to a neurological specialist who focuses on migraine. They'll get you some relief meds, usually a of sorts, and help you curb that pain. They'd know if it is in fact an aura that you're dealing with. It's frightening when they appear, for sure. But the blindness always dissipates. I hope this has given you some comfort, in that maybe you know what steps you should take to further get a diagnosis and preventative measures. This journey is a tough one, but it's one that's made easier knowing that we're not alone. Sending positive thoughts your way. Wishing you a gentle and symptom-free day ~ Sawyer ( team)

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