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Please Help... Migraine hangover lasting weeks

some background to start...

I'm a 40 year old male, had about 2 or 3 migraine attacks in my life each of which only lasted a few hours.

Just over three weeks ago I had the following attack...

I was very stressed at work (office job, sitting behind a computer screen)... went for lunch and as I drove back to the office the sun was glaring in the windshield of my car I believe this was the trigger.

So as I sat back at my desk my vision started to get very blurry and when I turned to talk my work colleague I could only focus correctly on half his face. Then I left the office to attend my doctors... vision was blurry all this time and when I arrived at the doctors surgery I couldn’t remember my doctors name.

I was quite confused not knowing the exact location I was at something I should have know.... I was confused about other minor details too. I attended the ER and after some blood test they informed me it was a complex migraine attack and they would plan a CT scan for a few weeks later.

This was 22 days ago now and ever since I’m suffering from ‘brain fog’ not sure how best to explain it but I’m not 100% alert, it’s like I have a hangover all the time. There’s very brief periods where it clear 2-3 hrs over a 4 day period. I wake up each morning hoping it has cleared but when I get up I still feel the same. I shower two times a day hoping to clear it but nothing works.

Has anyone ever had after effects of a migraine that lasted for weeks? I’ve been googling but I have not found any such cases.

My CT scan is in 4 days time so my doctor is telling me to wait….. but he is not giving me any info or reassurance this is a normal period of time to feel like this.

Sorry about such a long post but I’m quite worried id never feel the same again… so id be most grateful if anyone has experienced something similar and can share their story?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



  1. No one???

    1. HI Dave, I just started treatment for migraines so I m fairly new but yes I have experienced migraine symptoms for weeks in fact I have had migraines everyday for 3 months pretty much non stop. Some days I am functioning better then others. I also work long hours. I would suggest keeping a journal and trying to figure out patterns and triggers. I am applying for intermittent FMLA at my job because sometimes I have to leave early , your employer might offer something similar so you don't have to try to suffer through work.. Its really scary and sometimes you feel like you are crazy but your not. I think it just takes finding the right medication and figuring out triggers etc. I am also going to try a holistic doctor to see if diet can help as well. Everyone is different in symptoms etc but i find getting plenty of sleep helps.

      1. I'm sorry. I haven't had brain fog last this long. Did they not have you take any migraine meds to see if that would clear it because they thought it might be a stroke?

        1. Many thanks for the replies.... they really do help.

          So I had CT brain scan yesterday will be two days before i get the results. Over the last two days I've found that the brain fog feeling clears for a few hrs in the evening until the next morning, however once i get up the same feeling returns... so hopefully its starting to clear. Its 4 weeks tomorrow since I had the initial attack.

          I'm going to ask my doctor now to refer me to a migraine clinic, hopefully theres some meds i can take to clear this feeling.

          Thanks again for your help and ill post back once i have more news.

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