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Looking for Dr in southwest Pennsylvania

I'm in the Pittsburgh area. I need a new specialist. I've already been to Dr Kaniecki at the Pittsburgh headache specialist at UPMC. Does anyone have a good Dr? I live about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County.

  1. Hello, I see that you have already been to the UPMC Headache Clinic, but I would highly recommend that you try and see Dr. Stakic there. I have only ever seen him and he is wonderful.

    1. thank you!

    2. So sorry to hear you have been navigating a serious health condition without health insurance for 2+ years! How stressful this must have been. Glad to hear you've been able to get it reinstated. Also, good for you for seeking a better fit with your doctor. As I mentioned - our relationship with our migraine doctor can be instrumental in how this condition is evaluated and managed. It's so important that we feel heard and validated and that the connection feels like a partnership rather than a one-sided and/or rushed exchange. Migraine is a complex neurological condition and requires exploration and patience on all sides. There is no cure so it can become a journey to manage the symptoms and seek relief.
      I couldn't agree more about wanting to avoid steroids if at all possible as they bring so many complications to the table. Unfortunately, many migraine medications come with their own set of side effects that can rival the symptoms of migraine. Again- this is why it can take a while to find the best combination of treatments (preventative and rescue) that will work for you. There are a lot of preventatives out there these days, thankfully.
      I'm going to send you a link to our interactive page on preventative and rescue options just in case it may help you further familiarize yourself with the current choices as you prepare for your future appointment: Scroll down to the middle of the page to see these options.
      It can help to be an educated consumer when you discuss options with your provider.
      Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or seek support from us along the way. That's exactly why we're here! So glad you're with us.
      Warmly - Holly (team member)

  2. I understand how frustrating it is to search for a specialist. I've found some options that might help you out in your general area. I don't know how far you are willing to travel, but I hope these give you good options. I've included the specialists at AHN and UPMC in addition to Dr. K.

    Let me know if I can provide you with additional support or resources. Finding a qualified, compatible headache specialist is challenging. Depending on your desired outcomes and personal resources, you may consider a range of 50-75 miles to start your search. I tried to stay within 50 miles of you. Warmly, Cheryl, migraine team member.

    1. - Hello! You've taken the first few steps in setting up an effective treatment plan. Asking for recommendations in your area is one way to go about it. Another way is to research headache specialists and ensure their credentials. Cheryl and Holly have given you terrific links to investigate. I hope these links lead you to discover a truly caring and supportive physician successfully. The next positive step toward better management of your condition is to ensure compatibility with this chosen physician and to express your needs and possible desired outcomes - working in conjunction with someone to control migraine episodes. I believe you already understand this step, as you've stated you've seen a physician already but found their manner rushed and felt unlistened to. Finding someone you feel comfortable with and who can listen to you is vital. Working toward successfully creating an adequate treatment plan tailored to your needs is the ultimate goal. It's great to know you are not interested in settling on a physician or treatment plan, but that you need a leading physician to listen and plan with you on treating your migraine disease. Wishing you only the best! Rebecca (team member)

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