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Looking for some input

Now, before you all go on about how I need to see a specialist or whatever else, and how I need to seek professional advice for it, I know. And I've tried. And I am continuing to try. But so far, they're all useless. (And I know, I need to find a headache specialist, I have done. He couldn't help me. Currently waiting on an appointment with another.)

So now that we've gotten that out of the way: Anyone else get similar symptoms and actually HAVE a diagnosis?

Constant pain, not localized to one side of the head, can be either side, front, back, sometimes in tandem. The pain level fluctuates, usually between about a 6-10/10.
Light Sensitivity, tends to exacerbate the pain, the effects lasting longer the longer I'm exposed to bright light (although any light will do it, just has lesser effect)
Dizziness, constantly there, fluctuates in intensity. Sometimes I can walk around fine, other times, I need a walking stick, it can fluctuate minute by minute.

These symptoms have developed over time, initially it was just the pain. That's lasted 5 years. The light sensitivity started about 12 months ago, and the dizziness only a bit over a month.

From the reading I've done, this doesn't fit with any type of migraine (almost all migraines require single sided pain apparently) and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I've had my spine looked in to, and it's not neck related (or back).

  1. Hi Pendragon,

    I know how much you want us to tell you that everything is "OK" but only a doctor can do this and it shouldn't be done online as it's just not safe.

    Now having said that many of the symptoms you describe can be part of a migraine attack. Yes, migraine pain is often one sided, but that is NOT a requirement of an attack. Many of us have pain on both sides of the head accompanied with neck pain. Many things about migraine (or any other condition/disease) that are online don't seem to be accurate and/or current. The information here at is current, up to date and accurate - three important things to look for while researching.

    If you've not seen this complete information migraines, you may want to take a look;


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