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Love my neighbors, not their noisy tools

It's a gorgeous autumn day here and a lot of my neighbors are out with their leaf blowers, vacuuming their cars, etc. That constant high pitched whine, for hours and hours, triggers migraines for me on a pretty regular basis. It just goes right up my back, gets through closed windows. I can't leave my house every weekend. Does this happen to any of you? Any suggestions?

  1. LAnnSmith,
    One of our writers wrote an article about her noisy neighbors:

    1. Thanks Katie. That article was perfect for what I'm looking for, and it really hit a nerve because the comments were great. I picked up some tips, I'll try earplugs or headphones first.


      1. I live in upstairs flat and my neighbours downstairs like to party. Most sat nights I have to take sleeping tablets and put in ear plugs just to get some rest.

        The main problem I my bedroom faces to back of building and they go outside to have cigarette and seems like they are shouting all the time. Drives me nuts.

        1. Hi LAnn and Debs,

          I work in a noisy art studio with table saws whirring, people hammering, drilling, cutting, banging, singing, etc all day. I am less sensitive now that my migraines are a bit more controlled, but I find earplugs with noise cancelling headphones to really help.


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