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I have been taking a natural suppliment containing

200 mg b2
30 mg of b6
200 mil of magnisium
coQ10 200 mg
and fish oil 200

its been helping me

  1. Hi Javier9090,

    Thanks for sharing with us! We appreciate the tips and are happy to hear that you have found some natural supplements which are helping you. In case you are interested, here is a link to an article which covers natural remedies - Also, the following article discusses self care tips for managing migraine symptoms while experiencing an attack -, Perhaps you will find something helpful! Again, thanks for sharing with us. We love hearing from you.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. I am searching for alternative methods of absorbing magnesium without going to an infusion center. I've recently been written up at my job for missing too much work due to migraines and migraine related appointments. I've had magnesium infusions on a weekly basis and though it takes awhile, I do feel better and it helps control (somewhat) my migraines. Now I must find another infusion center with later hours and possibly increased costs or another way, in addition to nutrition, for getting the magnesium I need. Does anyone have any success stories with a different method of getting magnesium into the body? Any help is appreciated!

      1. My migraines are getting worse and they are usually weather related (I can tell when rain is coming as well as AccuWeather) and so I consulted with a Neurologist who's advised me to slowly up my Topamax which had been a miracle drug for about 4 years, reducing frequency and duration of migraines.
        He also suggested 400 mg. of magnesium daily and said to stop if it upset my stomach. Just hearing that made me leery. I have IBS which can be triggered very easily, and I'm on Bentyl to try to control it. When I read about magnesium as a supplement, diarrhea and cramping come up as the major side effects. That set off warning bells.
        I'm wondering about other people's experiences?
        Allied question: magnesium citrate and Bentyl are listed as having an interaction, but that's apparently not the same thing as the supplement of magnesium....?

        1. I picked up magnesium and b2 last night. Found the most natural brand I could and hoping for the best. I plan on taking it at night. My stomach has never tolerated changes. The topamax is down to 25mg at night and my migraines are back to every 2-3 days and the hangovers in between, not any breaks. Might have to up the topamax again 🙁 Been doing acupuncture as well. Hope the magnesium helps, thank you. Hope it works for everyone else as well.

          1. I started taking 250mg of magnesium and it seems to be helping. I would note that with your IBS you shouldn't have any problems if you take the magnesium with a decent meal (I mean not just crackers).
            Please tell me more about the acupuncture. The only 3 things I haven't tried are 1) acupuncture 2) hypnosis and 3) a chiropractor. This is because I cannot afford it presently with no health insurance.
            When I had health insurance my miracle pill was the generic for MAXALT. Maxalt had NO side effects whatsoever...

          2. The acupuncture for me seems to really help. I think for the most part it is going in with an open mind and let go. I am for the most part a skeptic but the fist session I went in open minded, she warned me I might get a migraine from the session,and I did. That got me thinking afterwards, what would cause a couple of needles to trigger a migraine. I have been going once a week when I can for a session and it has helped me. I can't say that it has cured me, but I feel more balanced in my head when I go regularly and it has helped the severity if that makes sense. It relaxes me and relieves tension. As with everything else we try, it is worth a couple of session to see if it works for you. Some of the strange feeling I get when undergoing the sessions I can't explain, but it all ties in to our many pressure points. Good luck.

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