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Magnetic treatment

I am Jane, lLil's mother. Lil is 17 and suffers from chronic (daily baseline migraine ) migraines. I have recently heard of TMS - the process of using a handheld device that sends magnetic impulses to the brain. This can reduce the pain as well as the number of migraines . Medication does not help Lil and usually leaves her with horrible side effects. She recently had an MRI and had immediate relief for several days. Has anyone heard of or used magnetic therapy?? B

  1. Cerena, a transcranial magnetic stimulation device, received FDA approval in December. It will not be available for patients, but the company is working on a smaller device called SpringTMS. They are hopeful it will be available this year. I have to admit I'm skeptical! Keep an eye on the blog. One of us will certainly write about it whenever it is available.

    (As you know, I responded to this is another section of the forum, but wanted to comment in case someone else reading this is curious.)

    1. Thank you for your reply! We live in North Carolina. There is a Psychiatrist here that uses TMS for depression. Ironically, he and our daughter's neurologist have worked together often. He works with a rather large TMS "machine" called Neurostar. It reminds me of sitting under a hair drying machine as it is a chair with a large head piece that lowers onto the patients head. My daughter has received a referral for a consultation.
      I understand you being skeptical but something very interesting was. Opted recently after our daughter had a MRI. She was noticible as close to pain free as she has been in years. It was amazing. We have heard of people feeling incredible post MRIs. We have also heard the opposite- so I think the level of magnetic treatment is key.
      We will post again when we know more.

      My daughter also received an RX for,the Celafy headband. I am more skeptical about this and we are holding back from buying as it is costly.
      Thanks again!

      1. Misspelled "Cefaly" pardon.

        1. To clarify, I'm not skeptical about the treatment. I'm skeptical that they'll get through FDA approvals and have it available to the public this year. I'm awaiting its availability eagerly myself!

          Interesting that she felt so much better after an MRI. Please let us know how it goes when she tries TMS.

          Cefaly is returnable within 60 days if it doesn't work. You'll still be out shipping both ways (which could come to about $50), but at least you won't be out the full cost.

          I can't remember if I said this elsewhere -- your daughter is very fortunate to have you taking such an active role in her care. Best wishes to you both.

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