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Manicure as a trigger?

This may sound weird, but does anyone get a migraine the day or two after getting a manicure? I think the effort from extending my arms for 45 min to 1 hour makes those teres muscles (kind of on the back side of your armpits) really tense. I'm going to track it, but just wondered if anyone else has noticed a correlation. TIA!

  1. Thank you for your question, boehmec! While we have not had this question asked specifically for manicure, there has been discussion about the salon experience, particularly hair dying as a migraine trigger. I thought parts of this article might relate to your experience: The posture, odors, lighting (to name a few!) could all conceivably be triggering during a manicure. I hope others in the community will also chime in to share if they've had similar experiences. Please keep us posted on what you learn from tracking your manicure appointments and migraine episodes! I hope these most recent symptoms begin to ease for you soon. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. The posture as well as the environment could totally be triggers.

      It took me awhile to see that some triggers will give me migraine within a few minutes of exposure and others are delayed. Still others arr not triggers alone, but only cummulatively.

      I encourage you to talk to the salon and see if there is a different posture you can sit in. Maybe instead of at the table you could have a board across your lap to have your hands lower. Or maybe there is something you cpild bring with you to put on the chair to raise you up. Etc. Experiment and see if something helps.

      Alternatively, investigate different salons/spas in the area to see if any have a more comfortable set up already in place.

      Good luck!

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