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Is Wearing a Mask More Than an Hour Causing Migraines?

I have tried to do my part and wear a mask when out in public going to the stores and so forth. I am now going back to work and having to wear a mask longer than 30 mins to an hour. I am not sure if it's the mask or a comb. of stress and the mask. I have talked with several in the building I work with they are having headaches as well. I give a HUGE Shout Out to those who have to go even longer than 6 hours wearing masks. I get it is a need, but I am at a crossroads, keep having migraines (I only get 9 pills a month on insurance. Otherwise it's pay full price!) or other.

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  1. Hello pandadcoke, thank you for reaching out. I hear how much you are struggling with an increase in migraine symptoms with the return to work and wearing a face mask for six hours at a time. You are not alone finding this to be a considerable challenge. We have a discussion on the Facebook page about this topic that I thought might resonate with you:
    It is rotten when you only have a limited supply of medication and have to pick and choose which migraine attacks to treat. That is such a cruel reality of the Triptans. I thought this article would also feel affirming for you: Please know we are here to listen when you need support or a place to vent as you navigate this added challenge of life with migraine in the COVID world. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Hi pandadcoke, how have you been feeling? How is the mask wearing going? Wearing a mask for about 30 mins triggers a migraine for me. I recently switched to a face shield, I like it soooo much better. It doesn't pull my ears and it allows me to breath easily. Hope you found something that helps!

      1. Thank you for posting this! I too get increased migraines with the use of masks and have read the study on PPR induced headaches. The participants in the study who got headaches from mask use were those who had headache disorders or a history of headaches or migraines. I find it frustrating that there is very little literature on this subject because people sometimes think I am making it up when I tell them the masks increase my migraines, but it is true and it is known that headaches are on the rise since March yet no one will say that masks have anything to do with those statistics.

        1. I meant PPE induced headaches but there is no way to edit once one hits post, at least not that I can see

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