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Medical marijuana tablets for severe classic migraine

I want to try medical marijuana for very severe migraine (classic). Marijuana has been legal here in Canada for several years. I have never tried MJ myself for anything. I understand there are two dominant ingredients: CBD and TCH. The Govt-owned outlet here sells products that are dominant in either CBD or TCH. And there are products that contain a mix of CBD and TCH in various ratios. I am a non-smoker and prefer tablets over oils. MJ is available in tablet form. I do not know whether I should buy CBD or TCH tablets. Information online is somewhat confusing, and I have no idea what to get. Would someone with experience please help and let me know which one to get? I would really appreciate it ! Thank you so much. Best wishes to everyone. Adam

  1. Hi there, my fiancé lives in Canada I love it there. Anyway, I am certainly no Expert but I can tell you that you will not get the euphoric feeling taking CBD in any form. It does have anti inflammatory properties. I also recently learned that marijuana has to be burned or heated in whatever form you use it to create THC. The unprocessed plant contains THCA which does have healing properties but will not cause a high.
    The amount you use or take to help decrease your pain level will take some time to figure out. The representatives in the dispensary can be very helpful. They can tell you what strain is best for migraine attacks.
    I really hope it helps relieve your pain, it is great for nausea. I am not a smoker either, but I have used it like a cook would use oregano (it masks the taste) I felt the euphoric feeling but the migraine pain broke through and it just became a strange experience for me, and I gained a lot of weight trying to find the correct dosage.
    It just didn’t help my pain but I would sleep much better something very difficult for me with a migraine. Best of luck.

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      Thank you for sharing this with us. Many find cannabis beneficial. I take a tincture of medical cannabis each night, and occasionally for breakthrough pain.
      Wishing you a low pain day, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

  2. Hi Adam!
    I have been taking Medical Marijuana for one year now, mainly for severe chronic migraine headaches, although I also suffer from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I take an extract that comes in a syringe, you can buy it in combination with cbd or just thc. Then I just measure out a very small amount from the syringe into a spoon of pudding or applesauce and eat it. There are pharmacists who work at the commissary that are very knowledgable to help you make your purchase, to help you find what you will be happy with. I have gone from a #9 migraine most every day to a #2-3 migraine most days. Amazing!! I take one dose at noon and one dose at bedtime. It has also relieved a lot of my other pain, too, so I can sleep at night!
    Incidently, I live in the USA, in PA where MM is legal. I purchase MM with just thc. Before I started buying thc I tried cbd, but even a high dose did not relieve my chronic migraines at all. Start out gradually tho. God bless you, if you have questions, feel free to write me.
    Phyllis Irwin

    1. So glad you've found the help that you need! Do you find that the thc affects you negatively at all? I'm sure the right dosage is very important. Wishing you more low-pain days ahead! -Melissa, team

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