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Migraine? Accept it and make your friend…. A positive attitude

Who is you Best friend?, if you would ask me few year back. I would have named, Mr John Right. But now a day Mr. Migraine. He is my friend. It is a long history about this friend. He catched me long back, almost 20 years a go when I was young. He continues to be a part of my life almost every day. When he triggers, I had severe unilateral headache, neck stiffness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and irritability. I tried to get rid of it through many ways like allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvadik and house hold remedies. I tried every buddies suggestion. I was so alert and accurate to avoid him ,but he was so strong in his power that he never got detached from me.
One day I thought, why can not i look him for other side. I started look mr migraine from positive way. If he is not willing to leave me, why I should? I made up my mind to make him my friend . One good quality in Mr migraine is that when he comes, will inform me well in advance. I prepare my self so strong to receive him. Now I can tolerate him very well without affecting my routine work. Now I accepted him from my heart that he never leaves me alone in a journey life. When he is not available, I compensate my work in advance. When he comes, I welcome him and give a time. Mostly avoid extra works and sit silently and cornered. Now life becomes simple. I enjoyed his presence. I stopped thinking and speaking and try to relax my self. I never give up my internal happiness and joy. I smile and forgive every buddy. Mr Migraine made me so stronger to phase any adverse situation. My pain threshold also increased almost doubled. I spending less time participating in small talk and more time in deep, meaningful conversations

  1. Hi atul,

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. I too believe that acceptance plays a vital role in managing migraine disease.

    Positive thinking goes a long way in making our lives much more pleasant!


    1. What do you do when your migraines are so bad you don't have this attitude? It is great to think positively. There are some days when it is so hard to do that!

      It is especially hard to think of good things that have come out of this suffering... but you are main tolerance has sky rocketed! What other "benefits" do you think there are?

  2. I try to see migraines as a messenger. A way of telling me that my body is imbalanced in some way and that I need to explore how my life might be missing balance (physical, mental, spiritual) and try to set things right.

    I'm on Day 3 of a migraine this week and I know that my body is telling me that I've had a lot of stress in the last month (I just moved to a new apartment and had to do all the packing, unpacking, and moving arrangements by myself) and in addition to this, my eating habits have gone down the tubes (I have a tendency to binge eat when I'm stressed). My body is telling me that it's OK that I experienced that stress and that I need to now start taking care of myself.


    1. Dear Tam & Atul (and Nancy):

      I am in the same boat as y'all: once I accepted migraine as a fact of life, it was easier to deal with it. When I thought of it as a constant battle (me vs. the migraine--and, let's face it, during crappy weeks I still adopt that attitude!), my stress levels were much higher. And we know that stress can trigger or at least exacerbate migraine, so keeping stress as low as possible is a goal of mine.

      You might enjoy this post I wrote from the perspective of a migraine:

      Take care,
      Janet G.
      "The Migraine Girl"

      1. Hi Tam,
        how do you figure out what is imbalanced? That is the hardest part - wondering what the trigger is and how to fix it.

    2. Yes, you are right it is hard to accept it, there is no way to overcome this pain.
      I put-off my all work and seat in science.
      Recently I do one practice , it helps me a lot to tolerance the pain even some time it goes away also.
      Let me share this practice which i do. To many migraine friends, I have shared.. and they had wonderful experience.
      When there is indication of Migraine pain, i do this practice
      Take a break and sit calmly. I rub my both palm and think 7-times that I AM MASTER ALMIGHTY AUTHORITY. Then I put my both hand over head, close eyes and make a vision that positive energy( Image white light flow) is flowing from hand to brain. And Brain becoming more powerful. I do this practice three times. Then I start my work .Please try this time and share your experience.. It works. I hope it may woks in your case. Never loose patience.
      Dear Janet, Tam and Nancy, you also ply try and share your experience.

      Take care

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