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How do you deal with a migraine hangover

I have chronic migraines so I pretty much have a migraine every other day if not every day and we all know it’s not over after it’s gone the migraine hangover is awful and it makes in so so hard to continue the day. Any tips of tricks.

  1. - So sorry you are living in a fairly constant state of migraine. Whether in the prodrome stage (where we experience symptoms of an impending migraine), the attack phase itself, or the postdrome stage (that migraine hangover phase) -- when we live with chronic migraine we can feel as if we are constantly push/pulling between these phases. So exhausting and depleting. As to resources/tips on managing the prodrome phase- here are a couple of articles that may prove helpful: And: And: The comment section that follows each piece is worth looking at as well as our community members offer their experiences and solutions there. We are thinking of you as you navigate this difficult phase of migraine. Please let us know if any of those resources were helpful for you. Sending love and comfort- Holly ( team).

    1. Hi. Blah, I hear how frustrated you are to be dealing with the lingering issues that come with prodrome. I hope you're feeling better by the time you see this! In addition to the great articles Holly sent you, I wanted to add a link to our full archives about prodrome. It's a very common topic here, as you can imagine! When you're feeling up to it, you may want to take a peek and see if anything else resonates with you. You never know what will be useful.

      Hugs to you today, try to get some more rest if you can!
      Melissa, team

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