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Migraine Humor

I'm Lucie. 54 years old. I have had hemiplegic migraines for several decades now. I've tried everything, but still haven't figured out how to get these things from returning.

I wrote a piece describing my crazy-weird migraine symptoms. I wrote it as a humor piece, so people could actually hear what I was going through, hopefully without being bored to death.

I posted this on the 50YO+ and hemiplegic forums, but thought you might enjoy it too.

Not sure if links are allowed here, so if not, it's the first story on webpage.

I don’t make any money off of this piece in any way (it’s not behind the medium paywall), so hope this posting is allowed. If not Admins, feel free to delete.

I hope it makes your symptoms feel a little less insane 😀


  1. Lucie, thank you so much for sharing your piece! I appreciate your transparency with how it is posted. It is fine to share a link like that when it can be read for free and you are not gaining financial benefit from it. I enjoyed the way you wrote about migriane and the challenges it presents when it shows up, in a humorous way. Life with migraine needs some levity now and then! It can be such difficult journey. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Thanks, Allyson!

  2. Thank you for sharing that! I could really relate and it's a relief to add some humour in to a horrible situation (I think I use humour as a coping mechanism).

    Sarah 😀

    1. Glad it was relatable, Sarah! Always helpful to know you're not the only one 😀

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