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Migraine onset 3 hours after waking up

Does anyone else get migraines a few hours after waking up? I would say I feel 80-90% waking up, but a few hours later it down to 50% and becomes pretty obvious that my cognitive abilities are greatly reduced.

These are complex migraines, so less obvious, but the symptoms hit around then. Adrenaline in any form seems to help, and typically I feel near normal when I go to bed.

  1. Hi sumosuma thank you for reaching out. I hear how frustrating it feels to be up, feeling well and going about your day, only to be taken down by migraine after a few hours. While there are many who experience migraine symptoms upon first waking, I am not as familiar with hearing about a consistent pattern of migraine onset a few hours after waking. I hope if others in the community experience something similar they will share with you! You are not alone experiencing cognitive impairment with migraine. Many in the community express feeling a reduction in mental capacity while enduring migraine symptoms. If you haven't discussed these consistent patterns with your doctor, I would encourage you to do so to gain her/his perspective. Please keep us posted on how you are managing. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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