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Waking up with headaches

Any ideas? I wake up with horrible headaches nearly ever morning and they won’t go away no matter what I take. They go away eventually during the day, but I’ve never had headaches that got worse with sleep like this before. Former neurologist had no idea and we thought it was sinus pressure building up but ENT recently ruled that out. I can’t sleep longer than 4-5 hours without getting one.

I did read an article about high blood pressure causing headaches while sleeping, so that might be a factor, but I’ve got over a month to wait for my next doctors appointments with new ent and GP... and can’t take this any longer.

Any suggestions what I could do or take to make them stop?!

  1. Hi 2tall,

    Did you see my other post to you? I mentioned discussed having a sleep study with your doctor. Sometimes when we wake with morning migraine pain, it's an indication of a sleep issue - and not only sleep apnea. Restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder are just a few. I have both and use cannabis that helps.

    Let me know what you think!

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