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Have any of you heard of “migraine syndrome”?

I’ve had migraines for years, variants along with traditional headache, but usually my head pain isn’t truly severe. Other odd symptoms wax and wane most days of the week- days of feeling washed out, foggy head, noise sensitivity, stiff neck, and shortness of breath. My heart rate can become lowered or higher too. All tests are perfect-I’m very healthy otherwise. Read elsewhere about something called migraine syndrome and wondered if it’s a currently recognized sure feels like it!

  1. Hi Roseburg. I’m sorry you’re feeling like this! There isn’t a diagnosis of “Migraine syndrome” but there is something doctors often refer to as “Migraine equivalence.” It’s when you don’t have an attack per-se but other symptoms of a Migraine day to day. Examples could be feeling dizzy on a daily basis even when you don’t have an attack. However I haven’t heard of it affecting heart rate so I would encourage you to dig a little deeper with your doctor. Have you been able to see a headache specialist?

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