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Migraine with Aura pretty much gone


My migraine with aura has been pretty much gone for a few years now (with some leftover eyesight damage and the constant fear that it will return).

I've tried many things to cure it and I can't be sure what helped, if at all -- it could just be a coincidence and it would have gone away anyhow by itself or it might come back tomorrow -- however, I thought it might be worth a try for some of you.

Here it is in no specific order of importance from the top of my head and keep in mind above disclaimer:

1. It's personal, so we have to research and analyze for ourselves what fits our bodies. This is what I've done, basically applying analysis similar to "deliberate practice".
2. Aspirin. Seems to work really well. I took 100mg for several months. Then, if I thought it's coming I'd take 1000mg. That's the only thing I'm pretty sure about that actually works because the lightning zigzag lines just didn't show also no real headache.
2. I stopped 100% taking any anti-pain or anti-headache pills after reading about possible kickback that can make things worse. It's tough in the beginning but it does seem to reduce severity and frequency.
3. I religiously avoid any type of stress to my "head". The best way that I can explain it is if one goes to the toilet and pushes like they are constipated without breathing. This has to be avoided 100% and not be allowed to happen even once. When it did happen I was then on high alert for a migraine with the aspirin ready nearby or just taking a few pills as precaution. I noticed it happens when I'm on the toilet, having sex or getting angry. About the sex part, well, just take it easy and make sure you breathe. (this of course also applies to masturbation) Toilet time, never ever push and always remember to breathe. Getting angry, look up breathing meditation (it's simply a mind exercise and it works really well, concentrating on breathing) Also be careful with over-dosing on caffeine. I this this section is very important to the success as far as prevention
4. I'm avoiding sugars. No idea if it helps with the migraine but I feel better and lost weight without gaining it back. It's difficult in the first two weeks or so but then it's fine. Also no sugar alternatives.
5. I exercise. This has to be done carefully keeping no. 3 in mind at all times.
6. I take about 1mg of omega-3 each day. It has to be high dosage and from fish source as plant source has little absorption rate. Definitely has anti-inflammatory effect (I got chronic shoulder inflammation so I can tell) Also makes me calmer. No idea if it has direct impact on the migraine, it might.

That's it. Good luck!

  1. Roymigraine,
    Thanks for sharing your success tips!
    Are you saying that your Migraines are almost gone or just the aura part of the Headache?
    Auras can change over time. I used to get them with every Migraine and now it's rare for me to see one, however the Headaches still persist.

    No matter what, the fact that you are able to identify the issues that make the Headaches worse for you is fantastic. Again, thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm not a native English speaker so pardon for any mistakes.

      It has been three years since my last migraine headache as well as the aura that comes with it.

      It is possible that I still have migraine but I can't be sure as I occasionally take Aspirin 100mg and if I think that I might get one I take 1000mg in advance. I also still follow what I wrote above to the letter. If you had migraine with aura you can probably understand how the fear still hunts me... the nausea, loss of feeling, the partial blindness and I had it so many times it got partially permanent. Fear is good, though (maybe I have been watching Game of thrones too much...) it keeps us on the right path 😀

      Here's another 0.02 cents thought:

      I went to many doctors over the years and read many articles, one thing that is clear is that currently it is not really known what causes a migraine, there are guesses and speculations but no definite answers.

      When I went to see doctors they basically took a gamble and gave me some pills, when that didn't work they gave something else or more than one together. It's somewhat pointless and in fact dangerous in my opinion as all these pills (Including ASPIRIN of course) come with side effects and can change brain chemistry/receptors by themselves and make things worse.

      If I had to start all over again this is probably what I'd do:

      For one month or two go on a basic healthy diet and stop all medication (also avoid any "stress to the head" as I wrote. This is simply avoiding increasing the blood pressure...). Then after about a month or two when hopefully all is reset try the Aspirin regime and see how it works.

      For sure it will not help all but I'm betting it would help many, at least more than various current treatment methods, if only because of the Aspirin and avoiding other stuff.

      I also used magnesium and avoided bananas (still do actually), not sure how much it helps but I did if after reading some research.

      BTW I wrote above "kickback" but wanted to say "rebound", one can google for painkillers rebound or whatever and see how taking various medication can cause headaches by itself. There's lots of research about that.

      Of course I'm not saying that it is the underlying cause for the migraine, just that it might be in fact making things worse by increasing frequency and severity and even giving some people constant migraines. It's a vicious loop.

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