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Migraine with Aura - Treatment?

Hey guys. I've had migraine with aura for around 12 years. I am no 23 years old.

I have been taking Migraleve (pink) for many years - maybe around 5 or 6? And they always stopped the pain before it even began (took them when i saw my visual auras)

However, the past 2 times, my aura has gone and witin an hour I have another aura/migraine. And i'm thinking the tablets have stopped working for me.

What treatments specific for AURA migraines does anyone suggest? I've read up and they all talk about meds that constrict the blood vessels? But i was under the impression the constriction is what causes the Aura? Confused

Any guidance is apprecaited! 😀

  1. Hi Dayvid,

    As much as I'd like to tell you what medications to take, only your doctor can do that. What I can do is provide you with information you can share with your doctor. How does that sound? Take a look at this information on migraine with aura;

    Anytime we see a change in our migraine patterns and/or symptoms it's important to contact the doctor so he can rule out anything more serious. If you haven't talked to him, I would encourage you to do so.

    Let us know how you are feeling,

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