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Migraine with IBS?

Does anyone also get IBS like symptoms with their migraine attacks?

I don't get much of a headache, but do get dizziness, a feeling of blocked ears, total exhaustion and dratted IBS-D symptoms.

Then when the thing passes, my belly goes back to normal!

I dared to eat broccoli tonight -not even a small cupful.....and my lower belly is already complaining and swelling up. That's on top of a day of some vestibular symptoms, so it's obviously connected.

  1. Hi Silver- while you are waiting for some community feedback, I wanted to share this article with you about IBS being comorbid with migraine: I hope this helps! ~Melanie (team member)

    1. Thank you Melanie.
      I didn't realise IBS and migraine were so connected generally. It seems many people get that.

      It's weird because I get days and days when my gut is completely normal! Then it flares up again as no consequence of what I've eaten or not.....and it always comes along with the other symptoms. So I knew it was somehow connected.

      And surely if it was a gut problem in itself (such as SIBO or bad microbiota etc) it wouldn't just disappear at times!?

      Anyway I did have three stool tests done; 1) FIT test (for any bleeding even slight in the GI tract) 2) Calprotectin, and 3) Lactoferrin (those two show inflammation of any kind)
      All were normal.

  2. Hi silver,
    I'm so glad your tests all turned out normal. Did your doctor suggest something that may help your IBS symptoms?
    Peggy ( team)

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