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Migraine without a headache

Hi, I have been suffering from slurred speech and severe vertigo. I have consulted many doctors and had many tests. I had Meclazine and Antivert 4 years ago because of the possibility of a migraine, but that did nothing for me. I am looking for people who have a migraine without a headache. This vertigo and difficulty in speech kill me. I also had a hernia surgery 4 weeks ago from Shouldice Hospital ( )
My left testicle was swollen and now it shrank, but I have some other problems related to it.These two issues prevent me from being normal. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  1. Does Acephalgic type of migraine present with no sign of headache?

    1. Good afternoon:

      I'm so sorry you've been suffering. Migraine without headache is indeed very real. You asked for suggestions, so here is mine: please consider seeking the help of a migraine specialist, who will be much familiar with migraine and all the forms it takes than will a primary care doctor or even a traditional neurologist. More info about deciding to see a headache specialist is here:

      And here are just a few articles that mention migraine without headache:

      Please let us know how you're doing. Stay strong, and keep seeking the care you deserve!

      -Janet G., "The Migraine Girl"

  2. Yes I've been going through this I think. It started in 2010 I had one sided body numbness. I had a million tests, MRI and much more. No answers. Then in Feb of 2016 I got vertigo. I was sent back to the Neuro. He said you have migraines after I suggested it, and he threw some pills at me. The meds were Topamax. It made my life so much worse! He did not adjust my meds. He put me on a high dose, and I ended up in the hospital ER 5 times. Once I was kept over night on stroke watch.

    Then I started seeing another neuro but they are so busy they could hardly even have me in the office. They ordered more tests. After MRIs cat scans, eegs, ekgs, emgs and much blood work they underlying neurological condition. I went back to my GP and she was furious! She has been my doc for 15 years and she was outraged at the care I was getting. She is now setting me up with a new neuro to start this all over again I guess.

    I have vertigo, numbness in face, arm, leg, fish in eyes (wavy lines), and some times it is hard to speak when I get an attack........but I do not have pain. I think I may have had one bad headache in all my life......

    1. I empathize, I do not have pain with my migraines. Getting effective treatment can be challenging. My neurologist has been creative in reducing my symptoms. Hang in there, you are not alone.

      1. I, too, get migraines without pain. You're not alone. I hope you find something. There's nothing I can take for my cognitive and speech issues.

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