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Migraines and Motion Sickness trigger

Anytime I do any type of cardio exercise, walking, treadmill, rowing and long car rides, etc I feel a migraine starting in late evening and/or I will wake with one. Recently my doctor thinks it may be caused by by eye movements during motion. Causing a motion sickness type migraine. Recently I vomited 9 hours and finally had to get prescription for vomiting so I could keep my Imitrex down. Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions to offer?

  1. Update on my motion sickness migraines. I’ve seen a neuroscientist that deals with head trauma, stroke, concussions, migraines, etc. I am happy to report that he did some testing on my eyes and discovered that my right eye pupil enlarges and it starts moving inward when I was in motion such as treadmill, walking, long car rides, etc. he wanted me to put a patch over my right eye and go about my normal cardio exercises. I’m 4 weeks out exercising 4 days a week for 30-50 minutes at a time and have NOT woke with an intense migraine since doing this. I know it’s not the only migraine trigger fir me but is at least 90% of the cause. I am anxious to take a longer car ride to see if this also will control a migraine from coming on. First time a doctor didn’t just hand me a prescription for medication and tell me to “try this”. Medication was not going to fix this. Now we need to figure out how to stop my eye from reacting to movement. He thinks eye therapy, similar to a “lazy” eye might do the trick. I’m fine with the patch if it stops the horrible migraines I was experiencing each time I exercised. Talk to your doctor about this maybe being your issue. Good luck!

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