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Hi All, I've been living with migraines for about 20yrs. I'm now on a preventative - topamax and take Max-Alt when I do get a migraine. I just ran across this supplement - MigreLief. It has rave reviews but I can't find any "science" related info.

Has anyone had any experience either taking this, hearing about it? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Hi Susan70,

    Thank you for your question! I used this a number of years ago, but didn't give it enough time. It can take up to 90 days when we start new medications to see a reduction in migraine attack frequency and severity. You may want to check out our discussion forum for more answers,

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. Migrelief is magnesium, b vitamins and feverfew.

      Each of these has shown to be beneficial for some people.

      I find magnesium and b12 help, but feverfew made no difference.

      Even with magnesium and b12, I still get migraine. Sime migraines will lessen if I take additional magnesium early in the attacks. Others are unresponsive.

      I would recommend trting the supplements individually, one at a time to see if any or all are helpful.

      Magnesium can cause gastrointestinal distress. And all supplements, even vitamins have toxic levels, so be sure to follow recommended dosages and discuss thier use with your healcare provider as some also interact with other medications.

      1. I take 400mg of B2 daily and a B complex. I work in the medical field with children and I found that I was healthier this year than last I think maybe from the increased B vitamins. There are good research studies out there about the benefits of these supplements. I take them separately generally but just bought them together in migraleif. The magnesium will help with muscle relaxation. My neurologist also makes Gliacin

        I actually have not started taking this one yet, I am trying other preventatives first. But here is some good research on this one.

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