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Miles For Migraine Event in Philadelphia Oct 11

We are having our second race/event in Phila to help raise funds/awareness for Migraine Research! If you are interested, please reply here. We need volunteers to spread the word, and participate in the race. We are holding the race at

Valley Green Forbidden Drive, Northwestern Ave Entrance, Philadelphia, PA 19118
7:30 am Sat Oct 11. 2014

5 miles or 1.5 mile walk

Fee is $30
Kids under 18: $15

  1. Hi shirleykessel,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You may also want to post this in the main section of in the Migraine Stories Section. You can find that link right here;


    1. I will be there too w/ Team Migraine Worriers from Virginia!!!!!

      1. Thank you for sharing Jamie! I wish I was close enough to join you all!

        1. Unfortunately I was not aware of this site and did not know that something like this, migraine awareness walk existed. Will there be another awareness walk in Philadelphia next year?

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