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Mirena Experiences? Other Options?

Hello all, brand new on here, but so far have loved the info I've found here. I apologize in advance if I'm not posting in the right spot.

I have menstrual migraines that I am still battling. I recently moved and am now seeing a new doc. He wants me to try getting the Mirena, in hopes that taking away my periods will take away my migraines. I have read some really great reviews, along with some really scary ones, and thought I would reach out to others specifically with migraines to hear their stories. I have an appointment next week to talk further about my Mirena decision.

Thanks in advance everyone!

  1. TashaT,
    I personally got an IUD to see if it would help with my Migraines (although mine were not always menstrual Migraines). There are 2 kinds of IUDs- the Mirena and the Copper IUD. The Mirena has hormones in it while the Copper IUD does not.

    Birth control pills can mess with your Migraines and even put you at a higher risk of having a stroke if you have Migraine with aura. This is due to the hormones in the pill. Therefore, the copper IUD tends to be the best option since it contains no hormones.

    However, with either one, you will still get your period. The reason to get one is to eliminate the hormones you are taking, not to stop your period. There are birth control options that you can use to stop getting your period, but all of those INCREASE the amount of hormones you are receiving.

    Migraines and birth control are tricky. However, if you do not get aura with your Migraine then options open up. Continuously taking the pill (with no placebo week) would stop your period and maybe help your Migraines.

    There is another forum thread (although a little old) that has input from many different women and their experiences with getting an IUD. That might be helpful to look over to prep for your meeting.

    Of course, talk to your doctor who will know what the best option is for you.
    -Katie Moderator

    1. Thanks for your input Katie! I do get some migraines other times of the month as well, but never fails I get a migraine that comes right after my period, and those are the worst. Lately I can't take anything that will stop them, so they last 2 weeks. I had never been very regular, so one doc put me on a combination birth control pill to keep me regular so I'd know at least when to expect the migraine. I ended up having a severe migraine every day until I quit taking the pill. I was switched to a progestin only pill, and was on that for a while but I think it did affect my migraines negatively though not as bad.

      If I was just wanting birth control I think I would go for the copper IUD, however the doc's main goal on this is to get rid of the migraines. It was my first appointment with him, and once I told him nothing was working and took a trip in to the hospital to finally get rid of it he shook his head and told me that's not the way I should have to deal with this. Triptans used to work, but they stopped working so I was switched to Naproxen as a preventitive. That recently stopped working as well.

      I never considered myself as having migraine with aura, but this new doc has classified me has having them (and was appalled that I had been given the birth control pill in the first place). I don't see lights, don't smell anything different, don't get any tingling sensations, I simply feel... off. And somehow just know a migraine is starting.

      I have another appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see what he says this time.


      1. Hi Tasha,

        I just joined forums, so sorry I'm late to the discussion. I have a Mirena IUD because of endometriosis-I also have terrible migraines. I would say that my migraines have gotten worse since the Mirena was inserted, however it could be completely incidental, and I have had it for almost 5 years, so it hasn't been a big enough factor that I have had it removed to see if my migraines would decrease. I had tried so many other treatments for my endometriosis that hadn't worked that this was a good option for me, I am also allergic to Copper, I did not get any periods for the first 2-3 years with the Mirena, I have just started getting a period again, and it is still much lighter than without the IUD.

        I'm happy to answer any questions about the Mirena!


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