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Missing doctor's appointments

I'm having a lot of difficulty with health care providers because I frequently need to cancel or reschedule appointments due to chronic migraines (20+ per month). Several providers have refused to continue treating me. How do others address this dilemma?

  1. I definitely understand and can relate. I would definitely encourage you to do your absolute best to get out the door and get to the doctor! Maybe finding a doc that you like will help? Also, find a message board to help find some community that will help encourage you as well. I am going on a few years of having my migraines under (some) control. i still have hella headaches but i have a plan for what to do when I have them. I have all my doses and preventatives in order. BUT i will say that i had to see all the bad doctors and all the neurologists and went to all the shitty pain clinics and made all the trips to the ER because i am so stubborn about everything....!!!!!! I too would be so sick from a migraine I'd loose track of the days!

    So hang in there.. and know there is hope but you have to go find it! Only you can make your situation better!

    1. It's not always the doctor who treats your migraines who is the jerk. I had a gastroenterologist get mad at me for canceling a colonoscopy because I was sick with migraine and couldn't drink the stuff. Now I let doctors know up front that I get migraines and they seem to be more understanding. There are still going to be idiots but, mosho 10 said, hang in there.

      1. Any appointment I make I make absolutely sure that they understand that migraines are a big part of my life and I will try very hard to make the appointment but may have to cancel.

        1. RobinfromCA, I've had problems with all range of providers, from my GP to psychiatrists and therapists, who have discharged me because of missed appointments, even though they know I have chronic migraines (20+ per month). I always call to cancel and explain - I'm not just a no-show. I wasn't treated this way in my previous city, but my migraines have been worse since I relocated. I'm afraid I will have to relocate again, since the weather here seems to be a big trigger.

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