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Vertigo or motion sickness treatment

I would like to hear your opinion or comments about this: I been feeling really nauseated and dizzy for the past 3 days and is getting worse... I also have been feeling a ghost smell like burned in my nose which is usually a symptom that I have before a migraine attack.. I have felt the vertigo before but is usually after a long episode of migraine... I just want to ask if anyone has an advice on how to treat the vertigo while the migraine decides to explode... I know is crazy but I am wishing the migraine will come already and get it over with... all the prodrome is very uncomfortable... Thank you in advance!

  1. You are so right that many of the symptoms of migraine can be just as if not more challenging to manage than the pain of the attack itself. This is what proves migraine to be the complex neurological condition that it is.
    First, as to your question re: phantom smells- take a look at this video and the community comments that follow- I think you'll find that you are not alone:
    Second, on the topic of managing nausea- this troubling challenge is discussed in this video with suggestions in the comment section by the community re: ways to manage it:
    Finally, re: addressing vertigo- this article and the comments that follow it have some recommendations including addition vitamins as a preventative:
    I hope you'll see from all of this that you are not alone in navigating these challenges- we are here for you and in this with you. Please let us know how else we may assist and support you. Warmly- Holly ( team)

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