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Multiple migraines daily

I am a 55 year old husband and father. I often times have more than one migraine per day. I have tried a lot of different medications, from triptans to pain killers like Morphine and Fentanyl patches. I have been diagnosed with prinzmetal angina, from the triptans. So I had to discontinue use of them. I am currently on 60mgs of morphine er 3 times daily. I am trying to taper off the morphine and am down to 60 mgs twice daily. However almost every day for the last 7 years I have been getting migraines , at times I have more than one a day! I have been told by doctors at the Mayo clinic that it's because of the morphine use. So my question is this, If I don't take the pain killers, and I can not take the triptans, what do I do? I can't take the pain! It has cost business and countless social and family events. I have tried Botox injections and many other natural and prescription medications. I am at wits end! Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I feel for you. Your pain, frustration, struggle to stay positive and greet the morning with something more than "let me just get through this day..." I have tried daily preventatives and Botox to no avail. I am scheduled for my first occipital nerve block later this week. Thankfully, Imitrex (tablet and injection) does work for me and has been my only salvation, although lately the migraines are daily and have continued for weeks on end. Anyhow, you may be aware, but there are several drugs pending FDA approval that offer some hope, including one for people who cant tolerate triptans. Unfortunately, none of these are yet available and the pricing will likely be high at first, at least for the CGRP class of medications.
    Here are links discussing these drugs. May you find relief soon.

    1. I understand your pain. I have been suffering with daily migraines too. Only I don’t know whether or not I would call it daily multiple migraines or just one. My migraine never leaves. It’s been like this for over 6 years. I have been on disability for the past 5 years. I’ve also tried Botox with bad results. Most of the daily preventative medications don’t work for me and the one I’m on only does a partial job. My migraines rarely go below a 6/10. Because of the possibility of rebound headaches I take as little pain medication as possible so most of the time I just try and suffer through it. It is very disrupting to life.

      Have you tried ice packs? They seem to help me some. What about finding your triggers? I hope you are able to find some relief soon. But know that you are not alone!

      1. I have enough gel ice packs to supply a whole NFL team. I use the Southwest Technologies brand (I believe) and the eye and cranial caps in particular for migraine. Unfortunately, all the ice in the world will not make my headaches go away. It usually just provides some relief while I wait for my abortive meds to kick in.

        1. I can relate to all of you, it’s absolutely horrible. Have any of you tried nerve blocks or trigger point injections? I go to a headache pain clinic that specializes in non narcotic treatments and those have been the only thing that really help. Haven’t been headache free for 8 years and failed about 15 meds and Botox. I went to be inpatient at the hospital for the “Head pain unit” run by my clinics top neurologist and that’s when I had the blocks. I have temporal headaches and the C2-5 facet blocks helped me get to a mild range! They also did a C2 nerve root block which wasn’t as helpful because that hits the whole midline of your head where mine weren’t. Those were with sedation. And then you can have superficial ones around your hairline/forehead that were also amazing. Sadly they don’t last forever

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