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I have learned through the years what my major triggers are. I have been trying to find a multivitamin that I can take but it seems like every new one I buy causes a mild headache with the fear that it will turn to a bad migraine by end of the day. Has anyone else had this issue? I take supplemnents like magnesium and it is fine...just the multi's.

  1. Hi Sgirl,
    I don't take multivitamins because I also get headaches from them. I found it is the B6 which took a while to figure out. Now I take vitamins and minerals individually. I have found the pyridoxal 5' phosphate (PLP or P-5-P) sublingual version of B6 is okay for me. Also note that many foods are vitamin fortified especially cereals so you will want to watch out for that too. Another trigger is vitamin A from fish liver oil so I use beta-carotene.
    Hope this helps.

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