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Muscle Twitches/Shakes

Do you guys get muscle twitches/shakes that are 1-3 seconds long on some parts of your body?

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  1. Hi, Ginger09. Twitching, tremors and muscle weakness can definitely happen with certain kinds of migraine. Are you going through this? We're here for you! -Melissa, team

    1. Yeah I think I started having them when I got the migraines and it’s freaking me out. My migraine happens daily so I need my doctor to check. Thank you for the support.

  2. Hi Ginger09,
    I have long had muscle twitches, jerks, shakes. I was diagnosed with myoclonus and I am not sure that it is associated with my migraine - but not sure that it isn't either. I have had a number of EEGs (this all started about 25+ years ago) that were all abnormal but the consensus is that I probably don't have seizures. My symptoms are mostly right before, during or after sleep. I don't if this is at all similar to what you experience but hope it offers you some validation. I remember when the movement issues first started for me it felt kind of freaky as well. Wishing you well.

    1. Oh my yes. The shaking and jerking arms/hands almost all the time. I have noticed that the hard i try to somethings it gets worse. Has anyone had any trouble with numbness? Because i dont know as yet to which are migraine related or epilepsy. Such a choice. Ugh, but this too will change. That much im fairly sure of. Ive noticed to that speach, spelling and just to think are getting worse. So im going to start my find a word app. It helped so much before i should've never stopped. Another lifeline.....,Alright then! I do wish everyone a gentler day

      1. Hi, RLB. It's so frustrating when you're dealing with multiple conditions and trying to figure out where it's coming from. Definitely keep us posted. You piqued my interest with the find a word app you mentioned -- can you tell us a little more about it? It sounds like it's been really helpful, and I bet others dealing with brain fog would find it an asset. -Melissa, team

      2. Hi Melissa. I found out a long time ago when i started out when i did the word search apps and playing bubble games that my head didnt hurt as much, like a light bulb in your head. The more i sunk into my head in to the word search, bubble games and Yatzee that i was balanced out mentally. You have the word seach (challenging) bubble games (release anger when you miss) and Yatzee (passive) The more you're into it the less likely to feel the migraine pain. I hope what i do and have success with it working too. It helps to elevate some or all your pain. So when i have one pop on my head that i take my vicodin smoke a little and play computer games and dont think about nothing but the games. Oh i hope it helps one of you. And the i apply ice to my neck and then go to back sleep. Then my brain fog starts and then i have trouble doing anything so my memory really stinks. Waking up is hard because im usually up all nite too. And i dont decide anything till the pain is mellower. But sleep i do get isnt a follow thru proccess waking back up. I have to set my alarm and have hubby wake me but i dont always hear the alarm or hubby doesnt wake me. Thank you for listening to my venting as well. May God Bless Everyone

    2. I’ve had facial numbness before on my right side of the face. It turns out I have a problem on my neck. That problem also was the one giving me headaches. I suggest you try consulting the numbness to your doctor. Wishing you well.

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