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Mushroom Benefits?

Greetings all, I simply need to inquire as to whether somebody at any point had a go at utilizing shrooms or truffles for therapeutic purposes? I was perusing a few articles about this enchantment truffles and shrooms before connecting with my self out of the blue. Like this .They say that it has an extremely intense impact on the cerebrum and fantasy. Not at all like maryjane does it have any restorative utilize? In one article that I've perused enchantment truffles or shrooms compaired to manufactured medications are exceptionally disturbing. Likewise enchantment mushroom are use on decreasing the indications of sadness, fanatical enthusiastic issue and nervousness. It can likewise help individuals to stop smoking and liquor enslavement. A few investigations likewise propose the property of enchantment shrooms/truffles can be helpful for growth patients. I would truly need to hear different bits of knowledge in regards to this new conceivable option meds. Much appreciated

  1. Hi Aibek,

    Thank you for your question. I do know there is lots of conversation about mushrooms for cluster headache, but not other primary or secondary headache disorders.

    Hopefully others from the cluster headache community will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.


    1. Hi Guys, Have you tried truffle mushroom as a medicine? Many studies suggest these effects are actually beneficial for people who take magic shrooms. Psilocybin, as it turns out, can be therapeutic for anxiety, depression, cluster headaches, and even debilitating menstrual pain. And it really helps me as one of the patients having a depression i tried to take this for awhile and it really gives me a good outcome for myself for self-medication.Just read this article for more info about it.

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