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My Dr has given up on me

I think my Dr. has given up on me. He says he doesn't feel comfortable giving me higher doses of pain medicine. I've gone to a headache specialist, who took me off all pain medicine. However, after a few months, I ended up back where I started and then on higher pain medicine. I have chronic daily migraines. I feel hopeless. I have tried everything. Botox. Cefaly. Whatever is out there, besides, surgical, I've tried it. What do you do when your Dr has given up on you? Does my Dr think I'm just drug seeking?? That's what I feel like.

  1. I understand. I went to my doctor on Friday and asked for a different combination of preventive and he said no because my headache are rebound. I have to take medicine to work each day. I think they get frustrated because they can't cure use. Regardless it is not fair. I am turning to acupuncture, herbs and meditation. I have been going through this for close to 18 years.

    1. I hate this for you. I've been there. One doctor deemed me "unresponsive to medication" and said there was nothing she could do for me. Another told me I have poor coping skills and said I should see a counselor. I've had daily headaches for 11 years and am on my 5th neurologist. I've also tried everything (even surgical). My current headache specialist is so validating about every symptom I have and is so determined to help me get better, it's made a world of a difference in the quality of care.

      I would encourage you to do some research and find a headache specialist who is understanding and is knowledgeable.

      Best of luck. You're not alone.

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