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My migraines pince the mid 1990s- New to this great forum


I am GLAD to have found this website/forum today!
Again, I have had migraines since the mid 1990s!!
I am in my late 50s NOW!
Long ago, my (great)doctor prescribed a very good medicine to me that eventually removes my migraine PAIN!
Over the years he and I had tried other types of migraine medicine but the one that I have does the BEST.
Im not trying to share or sell anything!!
I am just very glad to be on this forum!!
I WISH that I never had migraine PAIN, but it is what it is!
Cheers everyone!! I will update my info and photo soon.

  1. OH there a way of FIXING my wrong spellings!

    I meant to write :

    "My migraines SINCE the mid 1990s- New to this great forum"

    Silly me!! LOL

    1. Hello??

      1. Hi DaveArtista,

        Welcome to the discussion forum. Thank you for introducing yourself. I am however, sorry we haven't responded to your sooner.

        Don't worry about spelling - I knew exactly what you meant.

        We hope to hear more from you,

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