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Narcotics Poll on

I am confused and take issue with this poll because it refers to "narcotics". Narcotics is a vague word as it has several meanings. In a non-medical setting it refers to illegal drugsand refers to a number of drug types including some botanicals. In a medical setting it generally refers to opioids. This difference makes the poll difficult to answer correctly as it is unclear which definition the poll is referring to. In my case the answers are opposite for the two different definitions. As such the poll would be more accurate if it cast aside the term 'narcotics' and used a more definitive term such as 'opioids' or 'illegal drugs'. I am also of the opinion that because of its double meaning, of which one of them often implies a criminal connotation even if that is not its intention, that the world "narcotics' should be avoided in medical discussions.

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