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Natural Migraine Cream - Zen Nectar


A lot of my migraines are triggered due to dehydration and changing weather. I take medication but it makes me incredibly nauseous. I've started using this product called Zen Nectar by a company called Om and it's really helped with making my migraine pain drastically more manageable . I think the cream incorporates a lot of the elements I've seen talked about on various message boards like lavender, peppermint etc.. Was curious is anyone else has tried it or if there are any other creams that worked for folks? Thanks!

  1. Hi brunco02,

    Thank you for sharing that with us. I've not heard of this but will look it up. I'm happy to hear you've found something that is helpful.


    1. Zen Nectar has been very helpful for me. I have told friends about it!
      I buy it from

      I have been trying to do more all natural remedies... Zen Nectar, and I like CBD as well and have bought CBD products from The more natural remedies I can use the better!!

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