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NC: "Migraines are too Vague, Sufferers will game the system.

Yesterday, a NC Senate bill 711 on medical marijuana cleared the first of many votes to hopefully make NC the 38th state to have this medical option. However:

"GOP backers of the bill recently rejected requests by Democrats to add chronic pain or migraines to the list of approved conditions, saying they’re too vague and could be used to game the system."

Migraines are too Vague??Migraineurs will game the system?
Not they included PTSD--because that is less vague, not easy to fake?--but also excluded glaucoma.

Whether you are are interested in medical marijuana or not, this attitude demonstrates a woeful ignorance about this debilitating disease...and a great opportunity for us to educate and influence political leaders and the public.

What I would like is for you to submit personal letters that address:
1. the issue of migraines being a "vague" illness,
2. how difficult it would be to fake them or game the system, and
3. the need to allow our doctors to make the determination, based on our histories.
4. Also ask them to forward your letter to all their colleagues

(Please also post your thoughts HERE, on this forum, so they can read them. In my letter, I will direct them here).

You can address chronic pain and glaucoma etc as well, and include stats on disability, productivity costs, etc--anything you think will help them understand the big picture.

I would especially like anyone from NC, or with family/friends here, or anyone with experience using medical marijuana for migraines to weigh in.

Main legislators to target: (chairs 4 committees the bill has to pass through)


Article about bill:

You can go to the NC General Assembly web page to get all the names and where they are from.

I apologize if this is not allowed by forum rules. Note not asking to advocate for the bill, just EDUCATE about this life-ruining illness.

Thanks so much for helping with this education effort.

  1. Thank you for posting this information for our community members. I think you're okay to post this information as is. It's public information (the legislators contact information)- As a community member, you have made it clear that while you are encouraging folks to support your opinion on this, it is your opinion. I'm also from NC and am grateful you are drawing attention to the issue. Thanks for taking the time. Warmly, Holly ( team).

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