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Need a specs list in headaches fromAvm worse after gammma knife

My 27 yo friend has a history of migraines which are much worse since she was diagnosed with an inoperable cerebral AVM and had gamma knife incapacitated. We are trying to find a headache specialist in this unique scenario. Any ideas

  1. Hi there, - Aren't you wonderful to be gathering information for your friend in need. It does sound like she's having a complicated and difficult time. Below are our resources on migraine/headache specialists. There is an unfortunate shortage of these types of specialists. These lists aren't always comprehensive, so please be sure to do your own research by entering "headache specialist near me" in a search engine. Also, we encourage you to do due diligence by looking up reviews, etc. We would recommend your friend seeing a specialist like this due to the complexities of her case: and: I hope this helps. Please let your friend know that we are here anytime to provide support and information. We are here for you as well! Warmly- Holly team

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