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I need some advice on my current migraine that I cannot get rid of please

Hi, I have been experiencing visual problems for 9 weeks now which are driving me insane. I had the usual migraine attack but I noticed following the aura stage my vision did not come back to normal like it usually does. It has left a blur in the left side of my visual field. it seems to be continuously swirling and blurry. I have a lot of floaters and this isn't the takes up some of my vision when i'm focusing. I have got many tests done from MRI to bloods to eye examinations including a visual field test which shows no abnormalities. I cannot do anything without noticing this blurred area in my vision. I am waiting for my next appointment with my neurologist to try medication. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it persistent migraine aura or vitreous detachment? Is it permanent vision loss? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  1. Hi there Emma1234,
    I just wanted to check in on you to see how you have been doing? Has your vision gone back to normal? When is your scheduled appointment with your doctor? Any time there is a change in severity or change in symptoms we encourage you to see/discuss with your doctor to rule out anything more serious, so I am very glad to hear you have already arranged to do so. Will you keep us posted?

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