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Need suggestions/feedback on mediciines

I've had hemipeligic migraines since age 12 .I'm 59 yrs old currently. I have other "migraines" every 10 days I get a three day migraine. When the weather changes, which in New England, is every 5 minutes. I have taken topamax which apparently caused neuropathy. I have taken propanerol which caused excessive sweating and weight gain. Verapamil made me cry( I never cry). I've done trigger point injections, Botox and multiple rounds of physical therapy. I have interstitial cystitis which flares whenever I take anything like maxalt or omitted. I'd rather the migraine because the IC is far worse. My dr has no suggestions. I've asked for another round of Botox because it did help for awhile.? Does anyone have any suggestions for preventive medication? The only thing I take now is fiorinol! I'm at a loss!

  1. Hi Rosiebelle,

    Thank you for your question, I am however, sorry you are having a rough time. Let me see what information I can give you.

    The first thing that comes to my mind is if you are seeing a "true" migraine expert. With a rare form of migraine disease such as hemiplegic migraine, it's always a good idea to seek out an expert. Now, having said that neurologists may be fine doctors but have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and others. Migraine/headache disorder experts are doctors who are board certified in headache medicine, which is different than being certified in neurology, and are true experts. If you've not seen one, I would encourage you to do so. These articles have information on what makes these experts so special and how to find one; and

    Does that help?

    1. Nancy.
      Great idea! I'd never thought of it assuming my neurologist is skilled in handling this. I love my neurologist. He really listens ! He's sort of at a loss though. I don't get to see him often. I see his assistants. I followed the link to the dr's recommended and his partner is listed as a migraine specialist. Should I request a consult with him and then continue to see my regular neurologist?
      It is so hard to advocate for myself! Whenever I see a Dr they make me feel like a hypochondriac. My neurologist doesn't and while I like him I feel like there has tone something I can try that will help.
      Thank you so much. I truly appreciate the feedback!

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