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Who do you turn to for support?

When you need it most, who do you turn to for support? Family, friend(s), online, therapist, local support groups, etc.?

  1. Having a support system is vital when you suffer from chronic illness. My network is composed mainly of family and a few close friends. I also have a therapy dog that sticks by my side during a migraine attack. He also becomes more protective of me too. Education needs to be the base of your support system. Once people are aware of what you experience they find it easier to help you through the attack either by assisting you directly of by diverting unwanted stimuli away from you. I also find the support of on line groups like to be a great source of information and comfort.

    1. Who I turn to varies with what I need.

      I'm glad to have a support network of friends, family, and online communities.

      1. I was taught long ago that there was no support for me with migraine. I’m in my 60s and I first remember one at about 5 years old. Family didn’t believe me and never took me to a doctor, I went for the first time in my twenties after my kids were born.
        I have great doctors now and am married to a fantastic man. So I don’t know how to use them for support when the weight of the pain and frustration becomes too much. I’m in some FB groups but I don’t ask questions. I’ll answer if I think I can help. I read posts and learn from others that way.

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