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l've been prescribed Neurontin in the past as mood stabilizer in conjunction with meds for ADHD and did well on it so thought it would be perfect when l came across it as a migraine prevention dug.

It seems like the reviews for treatment of migraine are mixed so l wanted t hear experiences.

l''m trying to find a drug that will address facial pain and pain from jaw clenching, if gabapentin can prevent migraine along with these symptoms it seems ideal.


  1. Hi MaryTyler,

    Thanks for your question. I was on this medication for a number of years with pretty good results. Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. I'd ask my dr if a med would reduce the clenching since that is the pain source. Three that are used to treat this are muscle relaxer, antianxiety , and botox.

      Some meds cause bruxism (clenching) So check your current meds for that side effect, slso.

      1. I have been on Gabapentin for several years with dosing ranging from 600mg per day to 2400mg per day. I did notice a reduction in my pain from migraine in general. The side effects of the medication were minor. I did, however, stop taking the high dose due to swelling in my legs. If your doctor is willing to give it to you I would definitely give it a try and see how it works to manage your symptoms.

        1. Thanks everone,

          Appointment tomorrow, l think I've decided on the neurontin, l was considering going back on SSRIs but it looks like they all strongly interact with Imitrex, which is very effective for me so l wouldn't want to discontinue it.

          @Tom Picerno, may l ask how many times daily your gabapentin dose is? l don't remember taking it 3 times a day, but l spoke with a friend who has migraines and she was RXed so much she just couldn't keep up with the dosage.

          Generally speaking, l don't remember having many side effects with it, though.

          Initially l was actually going to discontinue Nortriptyline completely at this appointment, but some time in the last week (of heavy rain which is a crazy trigger for me) it seems like it may actually be working better than l thought it was,so maybe l'll just add the gabapentin along with it.

          1. my dosing for gabapentin it twice daily. At one point I was on three times daily but we found that twice daily gave me similar relief and was easier to manage.

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