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New here! Help?!

Hi everyone!
So I’m new to this! I’m a 27 year old female from Ireland and have suffered with chronic migraines since I was 10. I’m currently in the midst of an attack so I came across this site and am so thankful as I really need to speak to others with the same condition! No doctor has ever told me the type of migraine I have ( I see here that there are names on different types) I have aura, nausea, loss of speech or feeling in body parts. I get Botox every 3 months which helps by dulling the pain when I get an attack. I also take a low dose of aspirin daily to try and keep them at bay. However I’m pretty certain mine are triggered by hormonal changes and weather. Living in Ireland that means I get about 2 a month that render me completely useless for up to 4 days a month. Now this is ok if the migraine falls on the weekends but how can I hold down a full time job?! I’m physically unable to work for 4 days at least a month however I also suffer from bouts of depression after each attack that last up to a week. It’s really beginning to worry me of how I can lead a normal productive life. I don’t want my partner to have to work double hard because I’m this way I don’t think it’s fair. Any thoughts or help welcome

  1. Hi BeckyC
    Welcome to the site. I have only been on it for a few months and find it helpful to read others stories.
    Your sharing made me think of my early days and how little there was on migraines or a coherent treatment regiment.
    There is a great deal of information available. You will need to do the sorting and trials of the many treatment approaches to find what works for you.
    In reflection of my journey I can make two primary observations. I needed to take the lead on my treatment. I have seen many doctors and specialists and undertook many tests that have helped me shape my treatment. No one doctor had the answer, yet each added to my understanding. I had to decide what to try and not. It lead some doctors to conclude that I was strong willed and selective as it related to what advice I was willing to take. Not what doctors typically expect from patients. I was able to move my GP into a partner on my journey. Other specialists fired me as a patient - some not soon enough on hindsight. It is your life that you need to live and get a handle on your migraines. Most doctors specialize in some form of treatment that works for them. Does it work for you? For instance, the Botox doctors that I know only specialize in treating migraines through Botox injections. They made a decision to specialize in that narrow treatment because of how it benefits the patients they see and how they want to manage their practice. When Botox did not work for me, I was required to search out a different migraine Doctor that had another approach.
    The other primary observation was that I cannot do this on my own. I need family and friends support and when working needed to come to an arrangement with my boss. That required that I understand when I can operate at what level, how much medication I needed to support me and when, and what other non-medical tricks I could use. I found my ability to focus on something and ignore my pain was useful when needing to push through. Payment comes in the let down after.

    Also start thinking longer term in the sense of planning for your life with migraines rather than react. There has never been a better time to have migraines. Many trials and failures have already occurred and you can share in the learning if not the experience. Share your knowledge with those who you may come to rely on most as it helps them help you.
    After all, you are just starting and have years to get it right. Only you will know what is right.

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