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New here so confused ...migraines

I have had an ongoing headache now for 4 months roughly constant cant seem to get onto of pain. Been in hospital for 5 days ruled out anything serious and have said migraine. Im under a neurologist so just waiting tibsee her but its been sk long never knew they could last so long. Im on a medication topriamate and hopefully that will work but these migraine type headaches and so painful i hope it gets sorted out soon as its fustrating as i feel so nauseated and weak and exhausted all the time. So yeah just so new tonall this don't know where to start really but I guess its a joirney we have to take. Take care just thought I would say 👋 from NZ

  1. Hi stephnz,

    Welcome to the discussion forum and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    I am sorry to hear you've been in extended pain, I understand how frustrating and exhausting this is. It's difficult to receive a new diagnosis, but learning about our disease will enable us to get the proper treatment. We have plenty of information here, take your time and look around.

    Topiramate works wonders for many people with migraine disease. Here is information on this medication that may be useful; This medication is most beneficial when taken in a split dose (AM and PM) and started at a low dose and increased slowly.

    Please keep us posted on how you are feeling,

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