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New Neurologist

I'm going to a new neurologist on the 6th and I'm scared to death. I'm sure he's not going to prescribe the medication that has kept me out of the ER. I don't have all the previous information that I should, either. Do any of you have any tips to make this a good visit? I'll do all I can to have the proper information for him, i.e. list of meds tried, former doctors if I can find them, and previous tests run. Am I forgetting anything?

He is supposedly a specialist in migraines, but my primary doctor says there is no such thing. I'm just going to wing it and see what happens.

Also, my PD has informed me that there is a doctor that will give me a prescription for Botox (which scares me to death) that I can get at a fraction of the regular cost and will then inject it. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It seems too good to be to true, and you know what that means...

  1. Botox is injected into specific nerves along several occipital plates and nerves to give an all-over hear effect. I've taken years of med classes, and I couldn't even tell you the right injection sites and depths. So you are really best off to get the botox from neurologist. And normally, neuros get botox at a larger discount that you can bye it online.

    You could possibly ask your neuro if you could order the 200 mL of botox from a reputable manufacturer and see if he will inject it in your head to save money. It;s a 40/60% change.

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