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New problems??

Hello everyone. I've been suffering from migraines for roughly 20 years. They have gone through many changes. Triggers, intensity, management,'s all changed. The newest issues are difficult and a bit concerning. Anyone else have these issues??

#1 - body position. Sometimes I wake up with a migraine and my body position greatly affects the intensity. If you're talking a 10 point scale (10 being the worst) laying down is usually 7-9, sitting up is usually 5-7 but standing is usually 3-5. Of course I'm exhausted but I can't sit or lay down until the pain subsides. The beginnings of a migraine also make me need to have a bowl movement and even just sitting on the toilet can increase the intensity.

#2 - speaking of bowl movements. When a migraines reaches a certain level, I get a very strong urge to use the toilet. Doesn't seem to change anything once I'm done but this has been a new development over the past year or so.

#3 - spitting up blood. This only occurs when I get nauseous and vomit. The vomiting doesn't happen often, but the last few times it has been especially intense, like exorcist style vomiting. After I'm done vomiting and I'm clearing out my nose and throat is when I see the blood. It's happened 2 or 3 times this year but it's been a little more each time. As I mentioned, the act of vomiting can be very strenuous, my body strains so hard while doing this. I wonder if I'm straining so hard that it's popping blood vessels?? The vomiting is the one thing that has been there from the start but it's definitely been getting more and more intense over the years.

I do plan on talking to my doctor very soon.

I am sorry to be so gross but hanks for reading!!

  1. You should see your doctor ASAP. (Non medical opinion follows😀 Sometimes a change in headache when body position changes can indicate an issue with your CSF pressure (too high or low.) Generally, headache that is worse when laying down and not as bad when upright sometimes indicates CSF pressure could be too high. Your doctor will be able to tell you more. People with IIH often sleep sitting up in a recliner as it's more comfortable.

    Do know that it is possible to have a CSF issue comorbid with migraine disease. Straining on the toilet increases pressure. High CSF pressure needs to be evaluated to see if there is an underlying cause (a friend had a blocked vein/artery--can't remember which--in her brain and needed surgery) and needs to be treated in any case to bring down pressure using medication and diet to avoid long-term effects. If it is IIH, you also need to probably see a neuro-opthamologist to see if your eyes have been affected by the pressure changes.

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