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New Warning

As a 25 year patient with migraines my symptoms and warnings have remained pretty much the same. But here in the past year or so I have developed a new warning. When I am about to get a migraine I start yawning. And just once or twice but constantly. Uncontrollably, for a good five or so minutes. Then about a half hour later I have a viscous migraine. My abortive medicine lessens the impact but I am working with my neurologist to update my meds.

  1. HI TrishaNP,

    I hear you!! Prodrome, or the first sign of a migraine attack is often thought of as a warning indication that a migraine attack is one the way. Prodrome symptoms can include yawning, frequent urination, irritability, difficult concentrating and many others. I am often cranky before a migraine attack and experience frequent yawning and urination too. You're not alone!!

    Thank you for sharing that with us!
    Have a good day,

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