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New to the Forums - Daily Head pains. Need help.

Hello everyone,

After several visits to the doctor I have not gotten any closer to identifying a source of the pain I get in my head and was hoping if I introduced myself like this someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

While I typically have always experienced headaches on average more than my peers throughout life, it really started bad for me about 2 years ago where a sinus infection in my forehead began. After two rounds of antibiotics and 6 months the sensation of the infection in my head lifted but was left with shrieking pain across my forehead for months after, very intense to where I didn't want to lift my head. I would say that pain, 2 years later is still with me, every single day I wake up and have this pressure band across my forehead/top/sides that is okay to live with, but is always there and about twice weeks triggers a full migraine where I can't move my head in the slightest. Again, headaches where a thing with me before this infection ravaged me, but this seemed to have opened the floodgate of pain.

I have had a MRI done along with a ton of blood test, all have come back without any concern. I've spoken to a neurologist, an ENT, and like 6 primary care doctors about this. I'm not to the point where I'm not making any progress with visiting doctors and clearly am left to figure this out on my own. If you recognize this type of pain in anyway please share your story with me or point me in a direction. I can't keep going on like this.

  1. I would like to add that I'm age 32 and about 170lb. I no longer can participate in physical activities because of this where I used to play tennis and run around with my kid is not possible.

    For example, if I lay down on the floor and then sit up after about 10 minutes, that head rush you get? Mine comes with a level 10 pain every time until the rush subsides.

    Please help~

    1. Uff, I hear how discouraged you feel, redband. It is awful to live with so much pain, day in and out without any meaningful relief. It is hard feeling like you are left on your own after doctors have seemingly exhausted options and ideas. I do not know if this would be an option for you, but there are those in the community who have found benefit from seeing a doctor who specializes in headache medicine, instead of a general neurologist. This article provides a few links to nationally searchable databases of specialists by location: I hope if others in the community have similar experiences, they will stop by and share with you. Know we are here to listen as you navigate this painful reality of unrelenting head pain. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

      1. The only things I've tried is either one 500mg acetaminophen or one 200mg ibuprofen when it's getting too much, the worst of them I'll take both. I do what I can to avoid taking anything as to not complicate the situation.

        Thank you for welcoming me!

      2. I'm still getting used to this style of forum, ha!

        Thank you for the source, I'll look further into the research society!

    2. Have you ever used medication for what you're experiencing, redband? We can't give medical advice for your own safety, but I'm curious to know what treatments you've tried in the past, if any. I echo Allyson's above suggestion to seek out a headache specialist, as not all neuros focus on headaches. We're here for you! Glad you joined are community. -Melissa, team

      1. The only things I’ve tried is either one 500mg acetaminophen or one 200mg ibuprofen when it’s getting too much, the worst of them I’ll take both. I do what I can to avoid taking anything as to not complicate the situation.

        Thank you for welcoming me!

    3. How's your blood pressure? I know when mine is elevated I get that band of pain and pressure that you describe. You might want to track it.

      If you have a lot of stress that can cause tension headaches which can trigger migraine and also present the way you describe.

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