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New to this; a bit in the wilderness.

I'm a guy, fairly fit and active, in his late 40s. Recently, after riding on a fairground ride I developed chronic vertigo and mild headaches. When it didn't go away after two months I went to the doc. They suspected Menieres (there is family history of this) or a non-malignant tumour in the vestibular region.

I had an MRI and complex balance tests, which ruled out both. This took a couple of months and by this time I was getting headaches at least every 2nd day. Sometimes they'd come in episodes of dizzyness making my eyes flicker giving me complete head fog. On a bad day the episodes would hit almost constantly for up to an hour or two. I couldn't drive.

The hospital decided to go with a tentative diagnosis of 'vestibular migraine', which I'd never heard of. Again, a couple of months had elapsed to get to this point. We are now 6 months in from my first visit to the doctor. Headaches every day, for pretty much the entire day. Soluble Aspirin + paracetemol just taking the edge off, but I'm still dizzy and brain is fogged.

Hospital and doc are trying treatment with amitriptilyne and then maybe beta blockers.

I started on 10mg of amitriptilyne 4 days ago, no effect so upped it to 20mg last night. Today I have the stiff neck, dizzy and my brain is foggy but not really aching. Ironically I could ignore the headache as long as I could think clearly! My job requires me to be able to think clearly.

  1. I also have dizziness/vertigo components to my migraine, and strong motion sickness. So far only topamax had helped those symptoms but they took me off due to kidney stones forming from the medication.

    1. I would also go for second and third opinions as well. You may find other doctors who will find the answer. It sounds awful. I feel for you.

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